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Who We Are

Since 2005, we have been a charitable volunteer organization who understands that sometimes even the simplest gift is appreciated. Luba's Blanket started as a call for help for the child victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The idea was presented by the Jewish Family Foundation. We thought it would be a wonderful program to continue on a local level.

In Russian, luba means love. The blankets are now being offered to children in hospitals as well as the elderly in nursing and rehabilitation homes. Sometimes the simplest gift of warmth, love and the idea that someone cares about you is the greatest gift of all!

We also hold special meetings occasionally to get the community involved. Check back often to see when the next scheduled event is being held.

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How You Can Help!

We are a charity volunteer organization. We rely totally on good people volunteering time knitting and/or resources such as yarn, needles, crochet hooks and monetary donations. We strongly encourage Church groups or other civic groups to become involved as our greatest need is knitters or crocheters. It's a great way to get involved within your community.

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Upcoming Projects

In addition to the scarves, rectangles, hats and all other items, we are now knitting breast replacements for those women recieving mastectomies. These items will be donated to local cancer wards and local Breast Cancer organizations. Your help is greatly appreciated and needed! We are partnering with Knitted Knockers for this project and patterns for these items can be found at their site.

Knitted Knockers

This year Luba's Blanket is focusing on a different medical need each month along with our regular charitable donations. These conditions are recognized nationally during the chosen month. For example, March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. Items knitted/crocheted will be donated to a local charity helping those with MS. As each medical condition also has a corresponding color associated with it, items donated will be within that color scheme. Below, please find our upcoming goals:

January -- Cervical Health/Teal and White; Birth Defects/Pink and Blue; Glaucoma/Green; Thyroid/Light Blue
February -- Heart Awareness/Red
March -- Brain Injury/Green; Endometriosis/Yellow; MS/Multi-Colored Prism (Variegated)
April -- Alcohol Awareness/Red; Autism/Rainbow; Sarcoidosis/Purple
May -- Stroke/Red; Hepatitis/Red and Yellow; Lupus/Purple; Mental Health/Gray; Arthritis/Blue
June -- Scleroderma/Light Blue
July -- Hemochromatosis/Burgundy
August -- Immunizations/Black and White
September -- Drug Addictions/Red; Ovarian Cancer/Teal; Prostate Cancer/Light Blue
October -- Breast Cancer/Pink; Domestic Violence/Purple; Down's Syndrome/Blue and Yellow; Spina Bifida/Yellow
November -- Diabetes/Gray; Lung Cancer/Pearl (White); Alzheimer's/Purple; Pancreatic Cancer/Purple
December -- AIDS/Red; Aplastic Anemia/Red and White

If you have any charities you would like recognized through this program, please e-mail the charity and its corresponding color using the contact information below.

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Luba's Heroes

Without the generous support of some people, our outreach would never be as succesful and meaningful as it has been. Below is a list of these people. We extend a heart-felt thank you and may God bless you always.

Special requests: We are in need of more rectangles to assemble blankets. We have also had a request for knitted toys from the various women and childrens' organizations to which we donate. All help is appreciated and as always everything is needed! Thank you.

A very special thank you for continued support of Luba's Blanket: Matushka Melania Adamcio, Betty Bradbury, Sarah Kempton, Jessica Pease, Ellen Remaklus, Loretta Ricco, Matushka Nadean Stoyka, Trina Troutman, Mary Ann Wallace

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Upcoming Meetings/Events

Next Meeting

We're Back!

Our next meeting will be Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 2 pm. We will be putting together rectangles into blankets. The meeting will be held at Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church Hall, 2238 East 32nd Street, Lorain, Ohio 44055. Please enter the Hall through the door on the side of the Church.

We have a good time knitting/crocheting and getting to know one another. There is even someone there to teach knitting if you didn't know how to but would like to join in anyway. All knitted/crocheted items will now be going to those in need in our surrounding communities in Lorain County. All ages, skill levels and groups are always welcome!

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Places Luba's Blankets Has Gone

A list of places that have received donations from Luba's Blanket.

Countries knitted items have gone:

visited 9 states (4%)
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Photos of items donated

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Contact Us or Donations

Would you like to donate knitted or crocheted squares or scarves?

The squares need to be 100% Acrylic/Worsted Weight knitted with a 7 needle or crocheted with a G hook and should be 7" x 9". Please cast on 35 or if crocheting chain 30. Any pattern goes!

The blankets, scarves and hats are distributed to worthy organizations within Lorain County.

Scarves can be of any yarn and needle size. You can use any pattern you like on the scarves. All goods should be mailed to the address listed below. Thank you!!

Luba's Blanket
P.O. Box 1268
Lorain, Ohio 44055 U.S.A.

As we are a charity and make no profit from our donations or goods, we rely solely on the donations of time, money, and knitted/crocheted goods from kind-hearted individuals.

Checks should be made out to Anysia Wharton. To contact Anysia and Luba via e-mail, you may do so at:

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Friends to Visit

Our Friends:
Reiki Pagoda
Stitch Sisterz
Lion Brand
Daily Knitter
Genesis House
Knitted Knockers

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